Our process

We're just out to make great websties

At Vessul we focus on the important needs of your specific business first, then we make it look good. This allows us to create a useful, unique website every single time.



Discovery meeting

We sit down together to determine: how you want your users to feel, what your company does and why you’re better than the competition.

Strategy research

Our team then goes to review the data we have and find out what exactly is and isn’t working in your industry already.



Type, colors, and layout

Now we have everything we need to find the perfect typography, colors, and layout for your new site. The fun starts here.


Before you view our shiny new design and layout, we make it a little bit more usable than just some boards. You can click around and get a sense of the flow of the website this way.



Develop the site

This is where the actual code hits the screen. We develop the site in secret (from the public) but give you a private url to view our progress.


It’s go time. Everything has been building up to this moment and it’s different for everyone. Sometimes this means big social media blast, sometimes it even means a big party. Just remember this isn't the end, it's the beginning.

Maintain and update

We’re not going to abandon you after your site is launched. Once it’s up and running we’ll make sure it stays that way for as long as you want with our servers we perform bi-weekly updates, backups, and security sweeps.

Put us to work