Promoting Safe Driving with Virtual Reality

We partnered with our friends at The University of Tennessee to create compelling VR experiences to educate students on the dangers of distracted driving using their selt belt simulation called, "The Convincer."

This is the first time in the world that VR has been used in tandem with this kind of seat belt simulations program.

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UT Dept. of Transportation

The UT Center for Transportation Research has been in operation since the 1970's. Over the decades, their goal has always been to provide a high level of expertise and quality research to the state as well as the southeast region. Today, the department still stands as one of the premier research venues for transportation data in the nation.

Why Use Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality can be powerful when used properly. Not every storytelling situation will fit the use of VR, but the need of this project to resonate with students in a real-life way lends itself towards engaging with immersive media.

UT Convincer

How Did We Do It?

The challenging, yet fun, part of VR is that there are no real rules, and many systems don't exist for integrating it at a scale of this size. Using a mixture of live footage from stereoscopic VR cameras as well as VR CGI, we safety recreated various danger driving scenarios and car crashes.

Once the VR films were completed, we had to figure out how to sync 16+ individual headset for group viewing, and properly time our scenarios with The Convincer equipment. Our solution uses a mixture of wifi hotspots, VR Sync software, bluetooth, and modifying the Oculus Go hardware to fit our application of the headsets.

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