VC OG Hat Red 026
VC OG Hat Red 026
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VC OG Hat Red 009 COMP
VC OG Hat Red 003 COMP

The "OG" Camp Hat

In Burgundy (Limited Edition)

We designed a hat because we wanted one ourselves, and thought it could be a fun way to support adoption/foster care charities.

Early unscientific tests have shown that wearing this hat also makes you more creative.


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Helping Tell Stories that matter.

By your purchase and support, you have a part in helping foster children share their stories. 100% of the profits from every hat sale are donated to help children in the TN Foster Care System through TN Kids Belong.

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Introducing our "OG" Camp Hat

VC OG Hat Red 036

Quality Construction with Premium Materials

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It's All About the Details.

VC OG Hat Red 055