Saving Lives from the Kitchen

Men like Ryan are what what real-life heroes look like. With production taking place in Atlanta, GA, our team created a series of videos featuring firefighter and award-winning chef, Ryan McCay. Using our video strategy content model, we created 8+ pieces of content that includes a full-length brand film, detailed recipe videos, and 60-sec content for Instagram.

The Firehouse Chef

Ryan McKay is an acclaimed firehouse cook that has been seen on both local and national television with appearances on NBC's Food Fighters and the local, live daily show, Atlanta & Company and can occasionally be seen in local cooking competitions or hosting them.

14 years in the firehouse kitchen, first in the California Department of Forestry, Riverside CA, and then currently with Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services, Marietta GA, crafting full-scale meals for up to 8-12 hungry firefighters every third day has kept him on top of his game. He hones is firehouse tested and approved recipes and techniques for the masses to this day. He is currently writing his first cookbook, Forged By Fire: A Firefighter's Take on the Food that Fuels the Firehouse.

Thumbnail Ryan Story

The Video Campaign

Using our story stack, our team creatively developed various pieces of content centered around showing off passion and purpose of why Ryan enjoys cooking as well as tips and tricks in the kitchen.

Flagship Film

Recipe Videos

"Our food should draw our families and crew together making us linger for just a little longer to tell tall tales, comment on the day or just share life."